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WISP backbone POP

Video screenshot

WISP backbone POP

WISP backbone Point of Presence by Steve Discher from Learnmikrotik.com

3 Responses to WISP backbone POP

  1. Greg Sowell
    2009-11-05 14:14:47

    You don't talk like that in person...you sounded so chipper in the video...hehehe.

  2. Andrew Thrift
    2009-12-11 22:05:47

    Hi Steve,

    Nice video, and I enjoyed your presentations at the US MUM.

    Look forward to seeing you there next year.

    New Zealand.

  3. Syed Jahanzaib
    2010-11-30 09:09:56

    Great Video. Detailed and informative. impressive setup, off course with lot of resources involvement.

    Syed Jahanzaib

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