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Basic Setup in Arabic

Video screenshot

Basic Setup in Arabic

Screencast of RouterOS installation and setup

7 Responses to Basic Setup in Arabic

  1. Thamer
    2008-10-05 12:05:26

    شرح رائع و مشكور و ما قصرت

  2. sokr
    2009-01-07 00:36:04

    hi i need for this vedio and i donot know take it please answer to me

  3. علي
    2009-02-14 12:45:29

    شرح رائع و مشكور و ما قصرت

  4. Teacher
    2009-02-17 03:34:56

    mashkour a5eh 3ala el majhoud ek ra2ee3

  5. سيد البحر
    2009-04-04 10:08:48

    مشكور اخي

  6. Rumalf
    2009-04-25 08:42:50

    Please can you send me in email this video and in HQ (high quality) pls needed...

  7. N.R.
    2009-04-27 08:08:51

    the author could re-upload the file in better quality, it would be very useful. you could earn a free RouterOS license if you upload this or better video in good quality

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