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PPPoE Server Setup

Video screenshot

PPPoE Server Setup

How to setup Mikrotik as a PPPoE Server

7 Responses to PPPoE Server Setup

  1. rahul
    2008-10-15 14:45:19

    how to configure ppoe in mikrotik router

  2. Mudasir
    2008-10-19 01:44:45

    Dear Rahul,

    You can download the original AVI file from www.diglinux.com in Videos section of Mikrotik Froum catagory.

  3. Syed Jahanzaib
    2008-11-09 16:08:07

    Great Vdo. Thx for the contribution !

  4. sanjay
    2008-11-16 15:19:41

    iwantt to know that how to do mac filteration and how to use the security to the client end

    system integrator
    pccare technologies

  5. N.R.
    2008-11-19 09:40:07

    Sanjay, please go to http://forum.mikrotik.com/ to ask questions like this, there people will help you

  6. ojedeji seun
    2009-03-12 18:52:15

    How can i download this video? Pls........

  7. mikrotik
    2013-04-12 07:38:33

    good site

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