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PL12: New product announcement

Video screenshot

PL12: New product announcement

MUM opening and new products

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  1. softwind
    2012-05-01 08:00:56


  2. Alexandre
    2012-05-16 19:13:11

    [ Quero saber quando vai ser divulgada para vendas no Brasil e qual será o valor de venda comercial. Pode ser em Euro, Dollar ou Reais o valor. ] [ I want to know when will be released for sales in Brazil and what is the value of commercial sales. It may be in Euro, Dollar or Dollars value. ] [ 私はブラジルでの販売用にリリースされたときに知りたいと商業売上高の値は何ですか。それはユーロ、米ドルまたはドルの値である可能性があります。 ]

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