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Orbitel Bulgaria

Video screenshot

Orbitel Bulgaria

installations across the country

4 Responses to Orbitel Bulgaria

  1. N.R.
    2009-01-26 14:55:42

    are there any MikroTik routers in the pictures? :)

  2. Val Vasilev
    2009-01-26 20:54:03

    There are many MikroTik RB.We use mtik only for wireless links.

  3. wappi
    2009-02-02 14:11:08

    Hi, where did you get the big dishes (the one covered)? Ar they microwave or just 5.x Ghz?

  4. Artak
    2009-02-13 17:49:45

    PLZZZ HELP ME !!!!!
    Help please, I have 4 telephone tenches, all are connected to the Internet on 128/32 Kb/s in the speed, connection through modem ADSL (ZTE ZXDSL 831), to a mastiff remove to do one big channel 4 MegaBita!!!? If yes that as?
    plz contact me by e-mail: artakmartirosyan@yahoo.com

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