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IT14: Switch your RouterBoard

Switch your RouterBoard by Daniel Starnowski (StarTik, Poland)
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PL12: RADIUS - make life easier

RADIUS - make life easier by Daniel Starnowski (dasiu.pl, Poland)
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MikroTik & IPv6 - basic training

Short (1h), practical introduction to IPv6 addressing and configuration on MikroTik RouterOS. Recorded in Budapest 9.03.2011 during Train-the-Trainers course. Slides are almost invisible on the recording, so I upload the PDF also.
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RouterBOARD Choir - Come Again (John Dowland)

Video recorded during the Training before MUM in Prague 2009. 4 RouterBOARDS 433 are playing "Come Again" in polyphony (composed 400 years ago by John Dowland, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Come_Again_(Dowland) ). How different are the possibilities offered by RBs ;).
BTW - the plan was to start the music by /system scheduler after synchronizing to the same ntp server, but it occurs that the scheduler is accurate up to 1 second and nothing more... Differences >100ms were too big.