MikroTik related video service
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What is Tiktube?

It's a video portal for MikroTik, RouterBOARD and RouterOS related videos. Anyone can contribute!

How to upload a video?

You need to have an account on www.mikrotik.com. If you do, log in here, and upload form will become available

Are there any benefits for uploaders?

The best videos, judged by comments, rating and moderators, will be rewarded free RouterOS licenses

What videos are best to post here?

Screencasts and video tutorials, video training materials, assembly instructions and tower installations

What videos are not recommended to post?

Videos that are not related to MikroTik, Image slideshows, Hacking tutorials

Do I keep my rights to the video

By posting a video, you agree that this video will be displayed here on this site, and that anyone will be able to view and use it for whatever purpose

The video is too small, I don't see anything!

You can click on the small "Fullscreen" icon below the video to enlarge it, or download the original file by clicking on the Torrent link

What connection speed is recommended to watch the videos?

The streaming videos should play instantly if you have a 400Kbit connection, the Torrent download videos are coded at 1-3Mbit bitrate in 1280x720 resolution, so an hour of video is approximately 450Mb big.